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So, [ profile] zombres gave me a prompt for that 'cast your own TV-Show/movie' meme a long long looong time ago and I ended up doing some casting but never came up with a proper story. I still don't have one, but I felt in need of a picspam of pretty people, so I shall attempt to at least give you some hints to what it was supposed to be. Feel free to come up with your own stories.

to refresh you, the meme (and feel free to actually ask for a prompt, if you feel the need to)
1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some tv show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

The prompt was: Steampunk Magicians

aaaand so I landed at:

I called it Loom, cause back then I had started playing Loom again. Old school adventures FTW! And thought... hey they have magic! magic by weaving. In victorian times big power looms were being developed. So there. I hardly ever mention the steampunk part below. Just imagine it's there.

Basically in olden times fabrics were bespelled by the order of weavers. Even kitchen rags, so they'd help clean. Obviously there were some boundaries for lovespells (though, with the right kind of enticements, you could get some novice-weavers to make you literally charming garments. But since they were novice's that could backfire...). And occasionally your own scarf would strangle you, if it had been bespelled.

But now with power looms everything may change. The secrets of the weavers have been stolen, and non-magic folk are mass-producing clothes.

Aaaand that's kinda where I lost it storywise.

I do have some characters to play with, though.

Supreme Warlock Horatio Drake
Robert Downey Jr.

This is mostly based on [ profile] subtle__sarcasm and my creation of Horatio Fabdragon.
Think of our supreme warlock as quite powerful but ultimately planless. He has definitely seen better days magic-wise. In a duel (oh, yes there are duels between weavers... what?) 5 years ago he took quite the beating. He did defend his position in the order, but hasn't been the same since. Nowadays he's just too distraught. Too many synapses are firing at once, and he's mostly talking nonsense. His wife is doing a good job at keeping that from the public. Perhaps not good enough, though, as in some parts they say the dragon has lost his flame.

the most noble witch Bernadette Linnea Drake
Olivia Williams

The woman in charge. Since her husbands last epic duel she has been ruling the order and some say she's been doing most of the work even before that. She knows every pattern there is and used to develop some herself, when she was younger. Now she hardly has the time. She and her sister are said to be descendants of the first weavers in the old world (whereever that is).

the most noble witch Deirdre Allison Kendrick
Molly Parker

The sister of Bernadette, who is a bit more flighty, than her sister. A frequent visitor of Madam Snow, but who can begrudge her that. She doesn't have quite the skill with the loom as her sister and she knows it. Instead she started to dabble with alternatives to natural fabrics. Indeed she likes to use paints to just draw garments on people. Mostly this is limited to whores and dancers.

Adolphe Roy, a ballet dancer
Matt Bomer

I have no idea, if Matt could pull this off, but I like to ponder it... and who cares about reality anyway.
The dancers are in league with the weavers and posess some magic of their own. Deirdre is his patron.

Aurora Snow, a madam
Christina Hendricks

I don't feel like explaining this one. Every story like this needs a brothel and I would like to watch Christina Hendricks in various states of undress/with bodypaint. Plus a brothel is always a nice meetingplace and charas have time to relax and think... But maybe I misunderstood the concept a little.

Arianne Canasson, a nun
Carey Mulligan

An orphan-girl who was raised by the nice order of Sisters of the Kraken. (This was in service of the Squid-lovers.) Little is known about her origins, but of late it has become apparent that she has some talent with the needle and she has been send out to learn some things from the order of magicians.

Lucia, a thief and bartender
Elizabeth Mitchell

It is said she once stole the Kraken-sapphire from the grand masters desk - while he was sitting in front of it - and then returned it in the mail, just so she could do it again. She may be planning the heist of the century, but for now she's just tending the bar at Madam Snow's.

Axel Nielson, an inventor
Bill Nighy

He invented the power loom to make it easier for the magicians, but it seems it's being abused. Now he will try to help restore order.

Rose, an assassin
Bridget Regan

Bridget with knives and with red hair and... well. Assassins are important. She works in the kitchens of Madam Snow's (sex and food.. it's linked), because she doesn't like people. If anyone wanders back there they will regret it. Her food is to die for, though.

Kiernan Mercer, a merchant of questionable morality
Mark Sheppard

Look, we need a brothel and we need someone that sells contraband. And that someone has to be Mark Sheppard, because thems the rules.
Can often be found at Madam Snows flirting with their bartender to no avail. Does supply the Count with goods, though.

Count Ricardo Cavallo
Viggo Mortensen

Look, he's even got the beard for it.
The man with the money, who doesn't have enough. He stole the patent for the power loom from Nielson and is now trying to fight the magicians. Wears a monocle.
Look, there has to be a bad guy, and I want it to be Viggo, mkay?
He's also actually Arianne's father, but she doesn't know. Soapopera-Plot, yays!

Edona and Era Cypher
Polly Walker and Melinda Clarke

The twins used to be part of the order of weavers, but the Kendrick sisters banished them once. Or rather had their puppet-dragon do it. Weavers clearly weren't meant to servce society. They were magicians! They knew better. They felt the power in the fabric not like the rest of the pitiable human race, that would be content buying bandages and simple lovespells. So now they're helping the count modifying the power loom and defeat their old foes.

Conan Tremaine, a henchmen

Sometimes he will even get the job done. His father worked for the Count before, so now so does he. Plus he never really liked the weavers, as some novice once *stole* a girl he was sweet on. He had actually ordered a lovespell-vest to get her to notice him.
Craig does comic-relief well.

pics via vicious google-searching and [ profile] mata090680
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