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so, last night my computer was ok. and I did nothing but watch some vid with Kat and browse a bit and aaaargh. then we had nightmares and wanted to watch sth fluffy, so I tried to switch on my com again and.....



we tried every way to start the com, that was on offer. and nada. so then I tried to repair my win with my old XP CD (which is... erm... not that legal) but it asked me for some password, which I couldn't remember entering... and then we went to bed. and then I dreamed everything would be ok in the morning. but it wasn't... but at least I got the win-install to start. except it always shuts off after 50%. then I checked the CD and... yup.. totally scratched, amazed it did this much.

so now I am as fucked as one can be, without another person at hand. basically I'm hoping someone still has a cracked xp around. *lesigh* i actually checked into linux stuff here (am at uni) but i don't get it and installing something you don't get on a basically fucked pc... not such a good idea. not the worst idea i ever had but... nope. also i'd have to figure out how to get ps and everything working on that stuff and while googling it basically says copy stuff from the windows folder... errr... i doubt it. i am fuuuucked. (yes there is the option of a new pc with a new win and everything... do you want to buy it for me). hm, actually checked ubuntu and that looks nice. and better than the babble on the uni-site, which is clearly aimed at it-students and people too pretentious to have ever used windows. hm obviously i can't burn cds at uni. ugh. (yes, i actually brought one with me, just in case). shall at least try to dl it to my mp3played/usbstick. ttyl.


update: ok, so before I left for uni I had restarted the win-install, but this time not as a repair, but as a normal install (over the old windows, without any formatting). By then it was 2pm, and I knew the uni-it-center was only open until 3ish (turns out 3.30, but same same), so I just left that running, and checked everything I could there. meant to actually burn ubuntu, or at least dl it there, but that wasnt possibly at the terminals i was at (couldn't even put it on my usb, even though there were usb-slots... *sigh*).
but then i got home and tada - it was past those 50% and asking me for my serial. which i didn't have. but then i finally remembered, that there was probably a file with serial on the actual cd. for all the good that did me. anyway, so i then checked every corner for the old xp-home cd of my old computer, cause that serial was actuallly on the casing of said old pc. which i had thankfully not yet thrown away. while uncovering the serial, i also found out that a spider had made the move with me. i hope nobody heard the pathetic sound i made, when i discovered that. ^^

anyways, so i managed to install the old xp home (which doesn't like the new pc, and only allows me to use xp for 30days, which is why i didn't use it in the first place). anyway, that all worked out fine, and i now have the serials for both xp versions in red marker on the cds. while in xp hope i also dled ubuntu and managed to burn it to a cd. well done me, cause with all the servicepacks missing everything only worked in slomo.

then i thought to myself... you could install xp now, or just put ubuntu in. so i did the latter. but, even though during the install i was asked if i wanted to have ubuntu next to win on the drive, that all didn't really work. which isn't ideal. then i was told many many formatting options, that frankly scared me. so i hit stop.

now i'm running ubuntu from the cd, and it's all quite foreign, but shiny, and i'm mostly happy that i get online again.

shall test if sound works. yeah, no plugins. well, to be expected i suppose. oh well. suppose i better try to install normal xp again anyway. but, hey, at least i can get online.


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